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Drip Bags - Hambela Wamena, Ethiopia (6pcs)


Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Rosehips, Hibiscus


Hambela, Guji


Small Holders


Mekuria Merga




1950 - 2000 MASL



Mekuria Merga is one of three washing stations with this name. This particular washing station is located in Hambela, Guji, and buys cherries from around 500 farmers. The three washing stations are named after their owner, Mekuria Merga, a highly respected coffee professional with 23 years of experience in the industry. Mekuria Merga decided to establish his own export company “Wete Ambela” in 2018 to export coffees from his washing stations, which are renowned for their high-quality coffees. 

Before establishing their own export company, the Wete Ambela washing stations served as bridges between the community and exporters, and they assisted exporters in their social responsibility programs. Now that they are established as an export company, they are taking on social responsibility actions on their own. They always register the farmers that supply to the washing stations along with their kids. They use this information to supply school materials for the children of the farmers. “This is our first year as an export company, we started very basic, but we plan to engage in community support projects in a way that is not generic and a way that actually addresses the most practical problems,” said Ato Elias Yifter, the export manager of Wete Ambela. Mekuria Merga decided on establishing his own export company to take advantage of his prevalent reputation in the industry as a supplier. Many exporters were able to export great coffee due to his supply. He decided it's about time he uses that trait to his own advantage, hence Wete Ambela.

In Hambela, expect a complex, floral cup with sweet and tea-like qualities reminiscent of an esteemed, washed Yirgacheffe coffee. This coffee offers a gentle, nuanced experience in the cup that is best enjoyed as a manual brew to highlight the varied floral notes.