common man coffee roasters communal shamba tanzania

Communal Shamba, Tanzania

Communal Shamba Coffee was established by young Tanzanian couple, Keremba and Mkunde, with a vision to facilitate transparent trade of green beans from smallholder farmers in Tanzania’s Southern Highlands.

We first met the couple at a Five Senses' curated cupping in Australia and learnt of Keremba's passion for agricultural development which he has now put to practice with the founding of Communal Shamba Coffee in Mbeya, Tanzania. 

His wife, Mkunde, is a health and medical researcher who has worked on multiple projects in Mbeya to improve local healthcare and facilities. Now combining their talents, this social enterprise aims to be a catalyst for lasting social change throughout their local community.

Founded in 2017, Communal Shamba Coffee is the only government recognised and registered producer in Tanzania to practice natural processing coffee. It is also only on it's second harvest, producing a tonne of green coffee which Common Man Coffee Roasters and Five Senses Coffee have bought in it's entirety. We're hoping to see this amount increase tenfold this year and look forward to bringing you many delicious brews from this exciting producer!


Flavours of orange chocolate, tangerine and blueberries with a medium-light body and sweet aftertaste


Country Tanzania
Region Songwe Region
Producer Communal Shamba Coffee
Altitude 1700 masl
Varietal Bourbon & Kent