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Shyira, Rwanda


Tasting Notes: Prune, Cherry, and Blackcurrant




Muraho Trading Company




2000 MASL


Red Bourbon

It delights us to introduce a unique micro-lot from the same inspiring partners behind our Rugali, Rwanda seasonal single origin. Muraho Trading Company and Raw Material collaborates with local cooperatives and communities near the town of Shyira to raise farmers' coffee quality and coffee prices. This diverse coffee landscape can be found in the north-western Rwanda district, Nyabihu.

The farming communities are in the country's highest elevated areas for coffee production, ranging between 2000 - 2400 masl. They deliver their harvested coffee cherries to the dedicated washing station in the area's hills around 2000 MASL. On top of being a relatively new washing station, it is also one of few stations in the broader region, making the Shyira coffee a rare gem. Its refined flavours of mixed sweet and dried berries make for an equally precious brew.

Station workers and farmers sort their coffee cherries by hand and in floating tanks to remove under-ripe or damaged cherries, as well as foreign objects. The coffee then is pulped to remove most of its fruit and skin before going into a 12-hour fermentation. Like wine, footing is practised as a local ceremonial tradition that encourages better and even fermentation. The coffee is then washed thoroughly and separated into grades ranging from A1 to A4 based on density and quality criteria. A1 and A2 share the same quality but have different densities. The coffee goes through a final wash and rinse before dried, sorted, and packed for milling.