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Huai Mae Liam, Thailand


Tasting Notes: Rum, Apple Candy and Passionfruit


Chiang Rai


Asor Merlaeku, Beanspire


Anaerobic Natural


1350 MASL


Catuai, Chiang Mai, Typica

As a specialty coffee roaster born in Asia, it's a continuous aspiration to serve our coffee-producing neighbours more deserving recognition and the opportunity to reunite with familiar drinkers. This coffee is one of two Thai offerings in our lineup, and it's the fruit of labour from the green coffee trading company Beanspire Coffee.

Our roasters met the Beanspire team through mutual - coffee industry - friends from The Roots in Bangkok, who are proud purveyors of sustaining local agriculture and supply. So we had a few chats over coffee, and next thing you know, we took our first trip to northern Thailand in 2019 to meet the Beanspire team and see their work on the ground.

With the vision to connect Thai coffee to the international specialty coffee market, our partners at Beanspire Coffee aim to build relationships with farmers, introduce modern practices, and exhibit the potential of Thai producers in the competitive world of quality coffee. Beanspire works with growers at the farm level, sharing expertise and providing avenues for small estates that may not have access to the export market. The team believes in upholding the identity of Thai producers while shifting consumer perceptions of the nation's coffee through traceable, transparent, and sustainable supply.

Huai Mae Liam is a small coffee-producing village that, up till last year, contributed its harvests to the commercially famous Doi Chang and Doi Pangkhon villages, to be sold under those names. With little-to-none traceability back to the smaller growing communities, the value of their coffee is determined by a market beyond their control. Nevertheless, Beanspire believed that Huai Mae Liam could stand out given the proper chance.

Here we have a specific farm owned by 38-year-old Asor Merlaeku, a young and progressive farmer from Huai Mae Liam. This coffee mixes three varietals from his crops, including Catuai, Chiang Mai, and Typica coffees. After harvest and sorting, the coffee is first put through a 5-day anaerobic fermentation inside sealed bags. This near-zero oxygen environment introduces the development of lactic acid, and in this coffee, amplifies the complexity and sweetness in the cup. Then, the coffee is sundried like a natural process for 3 weeks before being packed away into bags to cure for 1 month.