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Gensinkerai, India - Filter Roast

In the south of Mysore city in Karnataka state, in a historical and protected land is where you will find Biligiri Rangan Hills. This extraordinary landscape is cloaked in near-constant mist that gives it's name, 'White Hills', a pristine terroir with some of India's highest elevations that reach up to 1650 masl. It is also home to some untouched habitats that support treasured wildlife such as elephants, leopards, tigers, black bears, and more.

Gensinkerai is one of three coffee growing 'blocks' that shapes the Attikan Estate. Attikan or 'Fig Forest', was founded in 1888 by Scottish man, Randolf Morris, and remains to this date in original condition. Outside the estate's bungalow, an unobstructed vista of the land presents 340 acres of coffee plantations shaded beneath the mantle of tall fig trees. These native trees form a distinguished environment that enhances this coffee's unique flavour profile.

At the peak of harvest season, three rounds of selective handpicking yields the ripest cherries from the Gensinkerai block of SLN 9 varietals, which is then put aside as a special natural processed micro-lot by our producer and export partners, Sangeshmwar Coffee Estates. Majority of their workers belong to an ancient tribe called the Sholigas, who have lived on the Attikan Estate for many generations.


Goji berries with hints of dark chocolate, a ripe berry fragrance, smooth mouthfeel & fresh herb finish


Country India
Region Biligiri Rangan Hills
Producer Attikan Estate
Altitude 1580 masl
Variety SLN9