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Drip Bags - Boledu #COE 21, Ethiopia (6 pcs)


Tasting Notes: Rum, Kyoho Grapes and Pomegranate


Idido, Gedeo


Boledu Industrial PLC




Anaerobic Natural


2000 - 2200 MASL



The 'Cup Of Excellence' is a prestigious annual auction and competition for the highest quality coffees from a specific region. Undergoing a rigorous series of blind tastings by a panel of esteemed coffee graders, the outstanding winning lots of coffee are selected from thousands of submissions. This auction incentivizes the farmer's efforts with recognition and financial reward while upholding transparency. This coffee ranks as one of Ethiopia's most complex, distinguished coffees from this auction.

Boledu Industrial PLC is a processing and exporting company established by two friends, Mebrehatu Aynalm and Abiot Ageze. Boledu Industrial owns four washing and drying stations, working closely with 650 farmers across 300 hectares of growing land in the Gedeb district of Gedeo. Mebrehatu and Abiot ventured into the coffee business right after school, collecting coffee from farmers and supplying it to processing stations.

From the humble beginnings of Boledu Industrial PLC in 2011, they currently process and export up to 1,000,000 kilograms of natural and washed coffees to various roasters worldwide. This lot is a mix of anaerobic and natural processing, resulting in diverse, complex flavours from carefully managed fermentation and drying. Expect a combination of tropical fruits, dried fruits, fresh grape flavours with a sweet and warming, mulled wine-like quality.

This Boledu Dega coffee scored 87.64 points in the COE cupping and placed 21st in the nation's competition and auction. "We hope to exhibit our coffee and to be recognized as a specialty coffee producer. This is a great accomplishment. We are so very grateful to the organizers." said Abiot Ageze.