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Maganjo, Kenya


Tasting Notes: Pink Guava, Lemon Zest, and Black Currant


Meru County


Kiegucia Farmer Cooperative




1500 MASL


Ruiru, Batian, SL34

Vava Angwenyi founded Vava Coffee in 2009. This social enterprise and certified B-Corporation began in Nairobi, Kenya. Composed of passionate individuals and farmers who aim to empower communities, stir positive social disruption, and introduce sustainable economic growth for coffee growers. In a traditionally male-dominant agricultural industry, Vava's primary driving force is to bring women and youth to the front of quality coffee production on an international market.

Kenya has a long - and not always stable - history in growing Arabica coffee. For many coffee growers, their lives are tangled between enduring corruption, battling poverty, and never knowing the true worth and demand for their coffee. Vava Angwenyi started with the vision and ultimate goal of making lasting change for Kenyan coffee and the people who produce it.

Kenyan smallholder farmers can earn less than 35% of what their coffee is worth compared to the international market value. It is a shocking average annual income of $250, less than a dollar a day, for the excellent coffee they produce. Vava Coffee's Direct and Fair-trade model connects smallholder farmers to roasters, consumers, and importers that understand the importance of paying premium prices for ethically sourced, traceable, specialty coffee.

This newest relationship is with the Kiegucia Farmer co-op that runs the Maganjo Factory. In Meru county, near the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya, this co-op is always searching for innovation and improvement. The most recent upgrades in the processing equipment and practices have shown an immense effect. This coffee showcases a spectrum of highly desirable flavor qualities, from a fresh lemon zest acidity to delicious pink guava and currant notes.