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Diego Castro, Colombia


Tasting Notes: White Grapes, Fuji Apple, and Barley


Diego Castro


Cooperative: ASOPEP






2000 - 2030 MASL



Grown at Finca El Mirador by Diego Castro, a member of the Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios de Café Especial de Planadas (ASOPEP) cooperative. This young organization was founded in 2013, an industry-leading association with a comprehensive infrastructure at every step in the supply chain, from the processing stage to quality control and selling to an international market.

Tolima's greater region has a poor history for investors and moneylenders in the coffee market, questionable sourcing, and low transparency for producers and buyers. ASOPEP is building from the ground up a reputation based on quality, reliability, and openness. Their cupping lab teams are ever keen on learning and helping their producing communities.

At Finca El Mirador, the coffee grown is of the Tabi variety. In the '60s and through to the '90s, Colombia's Coffee Research Institute, CENICAFE, researched countless hybrids of popular Colombian strains to produce a cultivar of disease resistance with good cup quality and productivity. In 2002, CENICAFE introduced the Tabi cultivar. This variety is a crossbreed of Typica, Bourbon, and Timor Hybrid. A highly sturdy tree adapted to high-growing altitudes and produces coffee cherries with sought-after flavors.

After meticulous hand-picking, the Tabi cherries fermented for 50 hours inside grain pro bags and then placed on raised beds to dry for 22 days until the coffee reached ideal moisture content. This approach to a natural process for the Tabi coffee results in delightful sweetness and highlights a complex acidity. Expect a tart, sweet note of white grapes followed by a lush Fuji apple quality.