For a Common Cause: Habitat for Humanity Singapore

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For a Common Cause 
“For a Common Cause” is our way of giving back to local communities and regional causes. Every month a member of the CMCR team nominates both a coffee and a cause close to their heart, with $2 from every 250g bag of that coffee sold being donated to the chosen cause.
August 2019
Chosen By: Tam Ping, Junior Roaster 
The Cause:  Habitat for Humanity Singapore 
The reason why I chose Habitat is because I was deeply moved by their vision of creating a world where everyone has a decent place to live, building a house for those living in poverty.  Habitat for Humanity Singapore is part of an international Christian housing charity that seeks to eliminate poverty housing worldwide. Since 2004, Habitat Singapore regularly sends volunteer teams to build decent and affordable houses across the Asia-Pacific region. 
Yirgcheffe is the place where heirloom varieties, naturally organic farming practices, high altitudes and perfect growing conditions converge. The 'zero' in Yirzero refers to the absence of defects in this coffee, thanks to the extra cash incentives which are given to the women who painstakingly sort by hand a much smaller amount of coffee over a much longer period of time. The end result is an immaculate 'zero defect' lot from Yirgacheffe.
In the cup you can expect a  Floral Aroma, Apricot and Peach Flavours with a Layered Juicy-sweet Finish.
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For a Common Cause: Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

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For a Common Cause 
“For a Common Cause” is our way of giving back to local communities and regional causes. Every month a member of the CMCR team nominates both a coffee and a cause close to their heart, with $2 from every 250g bag of that coffee sold being donated to the chosen cause.
July 2019
Chosen By: Adrian Quek, Project Manager
The Cause:  Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

From its humble beginnings in 1979, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI Home) has developed to become what it is today - an established voluntary welfare organization that provides an integrated quality nursing home care and services to the elderly. 
The reason I have chosen to support this charity, is due to my wife's involvement as a volunteer, she would spend time at SWAMI, and I would come along a help out now and then. The experience truly struck a chord with me, as I feel more often than not, the elderly are overlooked, with the community support more likely going towards children or endangered animals before our elders. 
So I’d like to shine a light on the compassionate, important work being done by SWAMI, assisting some of the most vulnerable in our community and supporting their holistic needs with dignity and respect. 
Acacia Hills Estate is located in Ngorongoro, one of three main coffee regions of Northern Tanzania. It's a three hour drive west from the Arusha region. The Estate has been in existence for over 50 years with little being changed until 2013 when Mark Stell from Portland Roasting Company partnered with local Tanzanian coffee farmers, Leon and Aideen Christianakis to purchase the Estate. They set out to revive Acacia Hills Estate and introduce a new 'specialty' approach, focusing on influential factors such as coffee varietals, method of processing, soil analysis, topography, and more.
Tasting Notes:  Butterscotch & Blood Orange with a Syrupy Mouthfeel & Smooth Finish.
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For a Common Cause: HOME

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For a Common Cause 
“For a Common Cause” is our way of giving back to local communities and regional causes. Every month a member of the CMCR team nominates both a coffee and a cause close to their heart, with $2 from every 250g bag of that coffee sold being donated to the chosen cause.
June 2019
Chosen By: Matt McLauchlan, Executive Director 
The Cause: Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics
Migrant workers are some of the bravest people I know, travelling to foreign countries with foreign cultures, sacrificing comfort and safety for a chance to better their lives and the lives of the family they left at home. They are so often the hardest working members of society, doing the jobs that the local populations won’t do, and are too often poorly treated and marginalised. HOME aims to support these individuals through a variety of assistance programs and community engagement. To learn more about the work done by HOME, head to their website here. 
The Coffee: Pilha, Brazil
The English translation for Pilha is "Pile" , referencing how this delicious coffee has been naturally processed. Rather than being spread thinly, the cherries are heaped in to small mounds which increases heat and in turn, fermentation, resulting in enhanced fruit flavours developing. 
Tasting Notes: Delicate Florals with Hints of Ripe Cherry, and a Chocolatey Finish.  
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Trust the Process - Leonid Ramirez

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Try one delicious Colombian Single Origin, processed in three different ways - Natural, Black Honey & Washed!

Along with our partners, Five Senses Coffee, we have been working with Leonid Ramirez of Finca La Cortina de Hierro in Colombia for the past two growing seasons and enjoying the exceptional coffees he’s been sending our way.
Farmer Leonid Ramirez

This year we are especially proud to showcase a trio of coffees, all from the same harvest of Variedad Colombia cherries that were then separated and processed in three distinctly different ways, Natural, Black Honey & Washed.
Region: Genova, Quindio
Altitude: 1850 - 1900 MASL
Variety: Variedad Colombia 
The Trust the Process Trio 
Natural Process
Custard Apple, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Medium Body with a Rum Soaked Raisin Finish
During the Natural Process method, also known as dry processing, the entire coffee cherry with skin intact is dried on raised drying beds, with constant turning to ensure an even result. These coffees tend to develop significant tropical fruit flavours due to the longer time the fruit remained in contact with the coffee beans during processing. 
Washed Process
Juicy Blackberries, Raspberry Acidity, an Earl Grey Tea Finish
During the Washed Process method, the coffee cherry's flesh is removed by a mechanical pulper with the mucilage also completely removed through time spent in fermentation tanks and repeated washing. The flavours that develop rely solely on the coffee bean's quality and natural sweetness. These coffees tend to be known for their clean and vibrant acidity. 
Black Honey Process
Soursop, Pineapple Acidity, Medium Body, Sweet Raisin Finish 
In the Black Honey process, the skin of the coffee cherry is removed by a mechanical pulper, with the mucilage left on the bean which is then allowed to dry on raised drying beds. These coffees tend to sit between the other two processing methods, expressing fruity flavours along with good acidity. 
Ready to try them for yourself?! Shop here. 
Eagle eyes may notice that we have taken this three-pack as an opportunity to trial some new biodegradable coffee packaging! 
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JOIN THE TEAM: We're looking for an Uncommon individual.

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We are looking to make a very important addition to our Wholesale Team, with a Business Development role suited to someone ready to challenge themselves in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. 
The role of Business Development Manager is to be a driving force in the development, planning and execution of new business opportunities within CMCR's wholesale business operation, ensuring that the business’s Strategic Goals are met, whilst fostering a sustainable Sales Team and contributing positively to our strong, inclusive team culture.
Reports to – Executive Director
Supervises – Sales Team Members
Ideal Candidate: 
  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree/Post Graduate Diploma/Professional Degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
  • Required language(s): English
  • At least 4 Year(s) of working experience in the related field and similar position is required for this position.
  • Preferably Manager specialized in Sales - Corporate or equivalent.
Knowledge and Experience
  • Strong experience in sales and Sales Team management
  • An entrepreneurial attitude that is constantly looking for value-creating opportunities
  • Detailed technical and product knowledge in the Coffee Industry (Preferable)
  • An excellent comprehension of budgeting, forecasting and business fundamentals
  • Broad knowledge of the coffee scene worldwide (Preferable)
Functional Responsibilities
Culture & Environment
  • Have a positive impact on all the people with whom you work and influence
  • Be committed to the company values
  • Be an ambassador for CMCR
  • Work to strengthen the reputation of CMCR as a leading company within the specialty coffee industry
  • Adhere to relevant company policies
  • Work collaboratively with fellow co-workers
  • Protect the assets of CMCR from loss or damage
  • Maintain a safe, well presented work environment
Staff Management & Development
  • Lead, manage and motivate subordinate staff and foster a climate of collaboration and collegial endeavour.
  • Maintain sufficient number of staff and ensure their expertise.
  • Maintain a safe work environment including the prevention of bullying, harassment and violence and appropriately manage any complaints in a timely and confidential manner.
  • Always communicate in an effective, time sensitive manner
  • Work alongside company leadership to develop tactics to execute on established Strategic Goals
  • Seek opportunities to participate in the wider Specialty Coffee industry to grow CMCR’s network and visibility
  • Take a leading role in the achievement of sales targets
  • Ensure the efficient transition of new accounts from a sales stage to Account Management status
  • Work with Tech. Department to ensure the fulfilment of purchased equipment is handled in a timely and accurate manner
To apply, please email your CV to wholesale@cmcroasters along with a Cover Letter telling us why you think you are suited to the role. 
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