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Why you need a Barista Course

There tends to be two types of people in the world - those who would openly admit that they could benefit from the excitement and vigour of a three and a half hour barista course, and of course, those who would not.

If you've identified with the first group, that's great! With the opening of the new CMCR Academy KL it couldn't be a better time to book yourself into a class. Don't waste your energy on another bad coffee!

However, if you are thinking to yourself, 'I already know how to make a damn good coffee at home' then this article, my friend, is directed at you.

Let’s get one thing straight. If you have already perfected the process of making great coffee at home, you can answer this one question: Can you explain why your coffee is so good? If you are confidently able do this, you are most likely on your way to understanding what truly equates to mastery in the cup.

If you can answer that question, then you must already have the ability to:

  • Describe the history of coffee
  • Understand the development of coffee throughout the world 
  • Describe ideal growing conditions
  • Explain processing
  • Discuss what affects flavour during each level of production
  • Differentiate the flavour characteristics of origins
  • Provide a general roasting overview and even…
  • Explain body, texture and acidity

But do you also have knowledge of proper dosing, reading and interpreting colour changes, splitting techniques and machine parts and maintenance? If so, then we will assume that your shots are sorted and your milk is mastered.

If the thought of discussing the aforementioned information is like yesterday’s bak ku teh, then please accept our apologies for wasting your time with this useless text.

However, if you think you could afford to learn a few more things about products and equipment, if you’d like the opportunity to experiment with volumetrics and temperatures with an unlimited amount of milk and coffee, and you think it’d be kind of cool to dazzle your friends with your ability to manipulate speed and length to suit their individual tastes, then the CMCR Academy would love to hear from you. Don't forget you'll get an industry recognised certificate and a special something at the end of your class not to mention a plethora of new coffee knowledge from our friendly trainers.