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What is UnCommon?

Launched just over a year ago the UnCommon range is an opportunity for us to showcase beans from high scoring harvests and micro-lots.

Chosen for their impeccable quality, distinctive attributes and their ability to translate unique origin character, they are a continual rotation of limited release coffees available for you to enjoy.

You may now be asking, 'what is a micro-lot'? well, in simple terms it is an area of crop that produces an exceptional bean - one more juicer and delicious than all the rest and instead of mixing this in with all the other beans it is picked at a later time and packaged by itself.

This micro mill revolution began in 2000s and has a strong following in Costa Rica as well as other coffee producing countries. Whereby previously selling to larger Co-ops, farmers saw another way to make more money and combined to invest in infrastructure. This saw an increase in their prices and more control and pride over their coffee. There is immense support for these micro mills, with banks giving loans and as many as 6 new micro mills per month.

Benefits are not just for the farmer. There is now traceability and direct contact for the consumer. Less blending and more distinct characteristic coming through.

Alongside the Kenyan Kiminda AB/PB, which if anyone joined us at Cafe Malaysia back in January would have tried with us, we have just added the Tade GG Estate from Ethiopia. With tangerine and ripe banana flavours, creamy texture and delicate floral aftertaste we're sure it will be a regular on your coffee bar from now on.

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