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What is a Cupping?

The main idea of cupping is to evaluate the quality of the coffee beans, and there is no right or wrong ways of cupping. The aim is to explore ways of tasting and apprecating coffee.

What is a cupping?

Cupping is the method of evaluating the different characteristics of the particular coffee bean or the physical quality of a green bean allowing us to better understand each coffee. This might be by picking out particular flavours in the coffee, acidity levels, mouthfeel and body of the cup.

Why do we cup?

As roasters, we cup coffees to understand their basic tastes. This can help us understand where different coffees could be slotted into blends not only for this brewing method but all other methods too. It also makes us look at coffee in its basic form and appreciate some of its finer points. 

As already said it’s a fantastic evaluation tool for something that changes from farm to farm, region to region, country to country and crop to crop.

Aa a barista, every time we taste a new coffee, we always look for the similarities, after exploring similarities, then we look for the differences.

As a consumer, it is also important to know all of these things since most of us are not informed how a really good coffee should taste like and that might affect our perception of quality.

There are so many flavours that coffee can offer, so come and explore some of the magical world of specialty coffee with us!

Remember, CMCR Singapore offers a free weekly cupping every Wednesday 2pm - 3pm!