Taste Of The Big MAC 2017

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Malaysian Aeropress Championship 2017! 

Common Man Coffee Roasters have been proud hosts of the AeroPress Championships in Singapore for the last 4 years. This year we had the opportunity to host this exciting industry night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the first time!

36 individuals were randomly picked from a lucky draw of a whopping 130 registrants. On the eve of 20th September, the contenders gathered in CMCR KL, TTDI. The brewers brought their A-game and hungry eyes for the grand prize of competing at WAC 2017 in Seoul, Korea.
To practice, competitors were given 40 minutes and 250gm of the official competition coffee, Kenya Muthigi-ini Rwama. The championship kicked off before Sundown, each heat in the preliminaries had 4 contestants present their brews.
Getting on stage can be daunting, so we took extra measures to ensure brewers, entourage, and guests were arms reach from an icy cold craft beer or a juicy burger. Some rather channel that energy differently, no better way than smashing it out at table tennis or an elegant game of beer pong.
Competitors brought equipment of all shapes, styles and sizes. There were various grinders, sifters, kettles, vessels, EKs in every colour, we’ve seen it all. Brewers could also bring their own water, sampled by a moderator to ensure there weren’t any ‘secret ingredients’.
The competition was graced by the presence of 4 distinguished judges with different backgrounds. The panel rocked through the night tasting an onslaught of brews to identify our winner. They were:
  • Regine Wai (Page 2 Café)
  • Ving Lim (The Roast Things)
  • Tristan Creswick (Cloud Catcher Asia)
  • Head Judge – Alif Badri (Roys Et Zous)
In CMCR tradition, we love a good half-time game. Previous years we’ve introduced games such as “Blind Press” and “Head Press”, we went a whole new level and hosted the world’s first “Tiny Press”.
The night was ready to end here, but we still needed a Malaysian AeroPress champion to fly to Korea. Returning into semifinals and now competing in sets of threes, the brews were getting tasty. We eventually had our finalists to fight for the spot in WAC 2017.
With special thanks to our competitors, judges, prize sponsors Acaia and Kruve, and of course the guests for making MAC 2017 a great night full of action and fun, we present our winner and Top 3 of the finals!
1st Place – Hui Zhen Tan (The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen)
2nd Place – Than Took Fhoo (Yellow Brick Road)
3rd Place – Junior Lee (Home Brewer)

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