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Eat Chocolate, Drink Coffee - Hello Chocolate and CMCR

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

The similarities between these coffee and chocolate are quite astounding from bean to bar, fruit to cup it really is an amazing adventure to follow. It's firstly important to understand the global shift in the way that we consume products which has greatly influenced both industries. This shift has seen more and more people demanding transparency in production processes and encouraging an emphasis on artisanal or handcrafted products.

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate event

This is something we have seen in coffee with the so called 'third wave' coffee movement hitting Singapore a few years ago now and we are starting to see this trend spread throughout the Southeast Asian area. However, it is not just coffee that this movement has effected, from beer to packing boxes to specialty eggs (yes really, UK online shopping site Ocado has a whole aisle dedicated to them!) the trend is here, and looks likely to stay.

This focus on quality and traceability has been at the core of CMCR's business since the beginning as we strive to bring you an a-grade product every time. Our ethos is know the farmer, the exporter, the roaster and the brewer and support each step to your cup. We want to live up to what specialty means - a person or place known for making something very well.

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate event

With this premise, we hooked up with the good people at Hello Chocolate to pair together some of their delicious chocolate with our coffee. Their entire range is specially curated to bring together a range of craft chocolates which showcase different textures and flavours. They also only carry products which pay attention to the source of ingredients and show a strong sense of social responsibility towards everyone involved in the production process - just our sort of people!

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate night

Just a brief comparison between the two industries, both coffee and chocolate are produced by tropical trees grown between 30 degrees north or south of the equator. Although they are grown at different altitudes (cacao in lower, warm climates whilst coffee much higher, cooler conditions), both trees are harvested for their seeds which then are processed (fermented, washed or sun-dried in most cases) to produce the beans we then roast to create the final product.

Interestingly there are also two original varietals of coffee (robusta and arabica) and cacao trees (criollo and forastero) with further species which are hybrids of these being found throughout the production region.

The night was filled with espresso and filter fun as we encouraged the guests to let the chocolate slowly melt on their tongues before letting the coffee flow over it bringing out all those delicious ever evolving flavour combinations.

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate event

The best part of the night was that all proceeds from ticket sales where donated to The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Foundation Singapore who provide financial and emotional support for people with blood cancers and their caregivers.

Watch out for more events like these at the CMCR cafe both in Singapore and KL, and remember if you would like to host a party or a coffee appreciation workshop get in touch with us here.

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IMDA: New Ways of Work Conference 2016

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This week saw us collaborate with The Working Capitol at the New Ways of Work Conference held at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre. The Conference looked at the how work is changing in the age of the Smart Nation, with technology, people and workplaces forming new relationships and Common Man was there to remind everyone that coffee is the fuel!

CMCR at Work: NWOW Conference 2016

The Working Capitol have been at the forefront of this movement in Singapore for some time now, inspiring collaboration in their beautiful co-working space at Keong Saik. At the event they gave us an insight of what it would be like to use their functional but design conscious space, challenging the traditional modus of work. They even had a taste of the added services they provide in their workspaces in the form of a wellness consultation from City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy and the Band of Doodlers documenting the day. You can even get great coffee (it's ours if you haven't guessed already) which they give out free to all their members - sign up now and get those creative juices flowing!CMCR: NWOW Conference 2016

We were there to support The Working Capitol and showcase our new programme CMCR at Work, which aims to un-complicate the world of specialty coffee and bring great tasting coffee to all workplaces. We can supply everything from beans, if you already have a machine, to a small scale equipment solutions. It’s easy and simple to use with no minimum orders or complicated ordering systems - you simply sign up for an account online and can start ordering great quality coffee straight away. By doing this you will unlock special corporate account prices only available to our valued customers.

CMCR Popayan, YirgZero

It really was a throughly enjoyable day and we had great fun sharing our love of coffee with the enthusiastic business builders of the future.

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Introducing the Expobar Minore IV

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A dual boiler domestic machine designed for the astute barista. The Expobar is a dual boiler domestic machine designed for the astute barista wanting to experiment on the effects of brewing temperatures on your favourite coffee. The user friendly controls and dedicated brew boiler allows you to adjust the temperatures easily and fine tune your extractions to suit the roast level and flavor characteristics of your chosen beans.

Additional Information 

Each boiler is 1500ml in capacity with it’s own 2000watt element meaning it is the largest ‘boiler capacity to element wattage’ in its class, what does this mean, steam, steam, steam, and a quick heat up time. Both boilers are insulated to help reduce heat loss. Boiler construction is of copper and brass which has been proven for its reliability, strength and durability. One boiler is designated for steam, hot water and to pre-heat the water entering the brew boiler via a heat exchanger so as to keep the brew boiler temp stable. This is known as the steam boiler and it’s controlled by a pressure stat that can be adjusted up to 1.4 bar steam pressure for more steam velocity. The brew boiler is dedicated for maintaining the perfect temp of water for the extraction of coffee via the group head. It does this with its PID temp controller which can be set very easily to the desired extraction temp for the blend of coffee you are using. The PID controller minimises the temp swing by pulsing the brew boiler element to maintain the set temperature. The machine comes standard with a vibrating pump and is fitted with a pump pressure regulator which is adjustable externally to maximise your control over the extraction pressure. Two taps one for hot water to make tea and one for steam which has a double insulated (or cooltouch) steam arm. The body is made of 2mm thick stainless steel for strength and to assist temperature stability with it’s thermal mass. Large drip tray so you don’t have to empty it all the time. The water reservoir has a capacity of 2750mls. Steam pressure gauge and pump pressure gauge. Minore IV has a new main switch which fits more to the styling and era of the lever groups and has smaller feet to give it a lower profile.

Specifications & Features

Functionality Semi Automatic Control
Power Single Phase
Maximum Installed Power 10 amps
Boiler Size 1.5 + 1.5lt
Boiler Composition 99.9% Pure Copper
Automatic Boiler? Yes
Manual Boiler? No
Water Reservoir 2.750lts
Heating Element Power 2 x 2000 watts
Hot Water Outlets 1
Steam Outlets 1
Steam Pressure Gauge? Yes
Inbuilt Pump Type Vibration
Standard Compliance CE
Product Dimensions (mm) 260w x 440d x 400h
Product Weight 30kg
Shipping Dimensions (mm) 345w x 530d x 490h
Shipping Weight 34kg


Expobar Minore IV shop here

If you are interested in purchasing one of these beautiful machines please get in contact with our Wholesale team (wholesale@cmcroasters.com).

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Posted by Stella Cochrane on

Last weekend saw Common Man Coffee Roasters attend the inaugural Singapore Coffee Festival at the F1 Pit Building. Overall the event was a great success with the mini Common Man cafe selling over 1,500 coffees alongside our signature Turkish Common Man breakfast and fluffy pancakes. 

We also had an overwhelming response to our Lab classes which sold out every day over the weekend. Over 700 people attended to learn about the fundamentals of being a barista and giving some latte art a go. We also had informative talks from Five Senses' Director of Coffee Jacob Ibarra, not to mention an amazing talk from Leo Purba and Lisa Lyles owners of the Tiga Raja Mill and Lisa and Leo's Organic Coffee in Northern Sumatra. Their talk gave a detailed insight into coffee at it's origin, from planting, processing and packing. 

We would like to give a huge thank you to all of you who braved the rain and queues to make this such a great event and if you didn't make it, we hope to see next year! 

For any further information on our Academy classes please see the 'Academy' tab of the website or email training@cmcroasters.com.

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Singapore Aeropress Championships 2016

Posted by Matthew Patrick McLauchlan on

March saw Common Man Coffee Roasters host the Singapore Aeropress Championships 2016 with 27 home-brewers and baristas competing for an all expenses paid trip to represent Singapore in the Aeropress Finals in Dublin, Ireland.

The judges of the competition were Adrian Dart (5 Senses Coffee, Australia), Lucky Salvador (CMCR), Bronwen Serna (The New Black, Singapore) and Lee Jia Min (Nylon, Singapore). 

The evening kicked off with the competitors feverishly prepping the beans, throwing out defective ones as only perfect ones would make the cut. As Judge Bronwen commented, ‘Picking out the defective beans is what could make or break this competition, we’ll definitely be able to taste the difference’.

Whilst the inter-competition games such as Headpress and Blindpress (names pending patent...) debuted onto the coffee competition scene (sure to be seen again in the not too distant future), most competitors decided to play it straight.


‘I’ve decided to keep it real - this competition is all about the coffee and simplicity. You don’t need to get too fancy with it’ said Nabihan, a competitor and barista from Royz Et Vous Cafe.

At the end of the night, Siraj Salim from Dutch Colony was crowned the grand champion. Being overwhelmed by emotion, the champion broke into tears and shared a hug with his girlfriend; a truly touching moment for all to see.

‘I joined this competition because it’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but I’m totally speechless about my win! It was so unexpected; I can’t wait to go to the World Championships!’ said Siraj.

We look forward to following Siraj’s progress at the World Championships on the 23rd June 2016. Good luck and happy pressing Siraj!!

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