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Eat Chocolate, Drink Coffee - Hello Chocolate and CMCR

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

The similarities between these coffee and chocolate are quite astounding from bean to bar, fruit to cup it really is an amazing adventure to follow. It's firstly important to understand the global shift in the way that we consume products which has greatly influenced both industries. This shift has seen more and more people demanding transparency in production processes and encouraging an emphasis on artisanal or handcrafted products.

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate event

This is something we have seen in coffee with the so called 'third wave' coffee movement hitting Singapore a few years ago now and we are starting to see this trend spread throughout the Southeast Asian area. However, it is not just coffee that this movement has effected, from beer to packing boxes to specialty eggs (yes really, UK online shopping site Ocado has a whole aisle dedicated to them!) the trend is here, and looks likely to stay.

This focus on quality and traceability has been at the core of CMCR's business since the beginning as we strive to bring you an a-grade product every time. Our ethos is know the farmer, the exporter, the roaster and the brewer and support each step to your cup. We want to live up to what specialty means - a person or place known for making something very well.

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate event

With this premise, we hooked up with the good people at Hello Chocolate to pair together some of their delicious chocolate with our coffee. Their entire range is specially curated to bring together a range of craft chocolates which showcase different textures and flavours. They also only carry products which pay attention to the source of ingredients and show a strong sense of social responsibility towards everyone involved in the production process - just our sort of people!

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate night

Just a brief comparison between the two industries, both coffee and chocolate are produced by tropical trees grown between 30 degrees north or south of the equator. Although they are grown at different altitudes (cacao in lower, warm climates whilst coffee much higher, cooler conditions), both trees are harvested for their seeds which then are processed (fermented, washed or sun-dried in most cases) to produce the beans we then roast to create the final product.

Interestingly there are also two original varietals of coffee (robusta and arabica) and cacao trees (criollo and forastero) with further species which are hybrids of these being found throughout the production region.

The night was filled with espresso and filter fun as we encouraged the guests to let the chocolate slowly melt on their tongues before letting the coffee flow over it bringing out all those delicious ever evolving flavour combinations.

common man coffee roasters online store specialty coffee and chocolate event

The best part of the night was that all proceeds from ticket sales where donated to The Leukaemia and Lymphoma Foundation Singapore who provide financial and emotional support for people with blood cancers and their caregivers.

Watch out for more events like these at the CMCR cafe both in Singapore and KL, and remember if you would like to host a party or a coffee appreciation workshop get in touch with us here.

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VisionFest at CMCR - in association with World Vision Singapore

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Saturday 20th August was a very special day for us here at CMCR, we closed our doors early and hosted World Vision's screening of 'Dukale's Dream' - a moving documentary following the life of a coffee farmer from the homeland of coffee, Ethiopia.

World Vision kicked off the evening talking about their involvement in the region helping families and communities tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice. We then moved onto the screening whilst the 50+ guests enjoyed our nitro cold brew coffee and canapés. 

The film was commissioned by World Vision Australia, one of the world's largest humanitarian aid organisations, and follows their ambassadors Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-lee Furness on their journey to the birthplace of coffee. Here they met a Yirgacheffe coffee farmer named Dukale and hear his story of how he is working to raise his family out of poverty with his carbon neutral bio-farm utilising shade grown farming practices. Following his trip to Ethiopia, Hugh and Deborra-lee set up the Laughing Man Coffee Company into order to directly trade with the coffee farmers and spreading the message across the US that something as simple as buying a good cup of coffee has the potential to reduce global poverty. 

This is something that we here at CMCR strongly believe in and one of the reason we strive to be champions of specialty coffee throughout Asia. We establish direct, lasting relationships with quality producers all over the world and consider responsible supply chain management and sustainability to be keys factors of our company. We find that this gives us the ability to deliver consistent, quality and delicious beans to our customers every day. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank World Vision and their patrons for partnering with CMCR to host such a heart warming and meaningful evening. It really was touching to hear how the one small act of buying sustainably sourced beans can have such an impact on people's lives. So next time you pop in to buy a cup of delicious coffee know that it is not just your brain thanking you for that caffeine pick-me-up but also coffee farmers all over the world.

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