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Trust the Process - Leonid Ramirez

Posted by Sarah Rouse on

Try one delicious Colombian Single Origin, processed in three different ways - Natural, Black Honey & Washed!

Along with our partners, Five Senses Coffee, we have been working with Leonid Ramirez of Finca La Cortina de Hierro in Colombia for the past two growing seasons and enjoying the exceptional coffees he’s been sending our way.
Farmer Leonid Ramirez

This year we are especially proud to showcase a trio of coffees, all from the same harvest of Variedad Colombia cherries that were then separated and processed in three distinctly different ways, Natural, Black Honey & Washed.
Region: Genova, Quindio
Altitude: 1850 - 1900 MASL
Variety: Variedad Colombia 
The Trust the Process Trio 
Natural Process
Custard Apple, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Medium Body with a Rum Soaked Raisin Finish
During the Natural Process method, also known as dry processing, the entire coffee cherry with skin intact is dried on raised drying beds, with constant turning to ensure an even result. These coffees tend to develop significant tropical fruit flavours due to the longer time the fruit remained in contact with the coffee beans during processing. 
Washed Process
Juicy Blackberries, Raspberry Acidity, an Earl Grey Tea Finish
During the Washed Process method, the coffee cherry's flesh is removed by a mechanical pulper with the mucilage also completely removed through time spent in fermentation tanks and repeated washing. The flavours that develop rely solely on the coffee bean's quality and natural sweetness. These coffees tend to be known for their clean and vibrant acidity. 
Black Honey Process
Soursop, Pineapple Acidity, Medium Body, Sweet Raisin Finish 
In the Black Honey process, the skin of the coffee cherry is removed by a mechanical pulper, with the mucilage left on the bean which is then allowed to dry on raised drying beds. These coffees tend to sit between the other two processing methods, expressing fruity flavours along with good acidity. 
Ready to try them for yourself?! Shop here. 
Eagle eyes may notice that we have taken this three-pack as an opportunity to trial some new biodegradable coffee packaging! 
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Exploring Batch Brew - Filter Coffee For the Masses

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

For many years filter coffee had a bad reputation.

In years gone by filter was often defined by poor quality, stale coffee, it was prepared with little understanding of what was necessary to achieve great tasting results and often left forgotten about in the workplace kitchen.

Since the arrival of third wave coffee however we’ve seen this all change — some of the most progressive cafes have adopted 'by the cup' brew methods like pour-overs, siphon and Clever Coffee Drippers to showcase the subtleties of flavour available in thoughtfully sourced and carefully roasted coffees.

With it new found fans, the demand for filter coffee has increased, but as barista’s struggle to keep up with the orders during a busy service, it is time to revisit filter coffee in its original format, all be it with a little more love, care and skill to get great coffee consistently and in bountiful quantities!

The new era of batch brew:

Filter coffee prepared by the cup can be excellent — there’s no doubt about that. However, achieving consistently excellent results takes good organisation, skills and a time. With Batch Brew, there’s now a great new opportunity to complement this style with a new prep method focusing on ease of service and consistency at volume.

Batch Brew is all about utilising equipment which allows the user to prepare large batches of filter coffee in one, automated go. These batches can vary in size — the small domestic drip brewers would often produce around one litre of coffee which could be seen as a small ‘batch’. Larger, more commercially sized units produce anywhere from one to six litres of coffee in a given batch.

The brewing technology can be likened to large, computerized versions of a pourover — the water is heated and then dispensed over the bed of ground coffee via a shower screen before dripping down into a carafe, airpot or urn.

This essentially means more consistently delicious brewed coffees available with very little wait time and with a lower production cost? WIN!

One of our long-time equipment partners, Marco Beverage Systems recently launched an exciting update to their range of batch brewing gear, incorporating many of the technological advancements made in their innovative Uber boiler projects. We had a couple of these products as part of our Wholesale line up for a while now but now with the arrival of two new products we wanted to introduce them formally.

CMCR Batch Brew


Marco Bru Unit:

First in the line-up is the Marco Bru unit. Using flash boiler technology, the Bru is focused on offering solid water temperature stability for smaller batch sizes at an incredibly affordable price point. The Bru is essentially plug and play, working off a standard power wall socket and allowing for manual water filling.

This device is perfect for cafes (or workplaces!) that want to experiment with batch brewing without investing too heavily or being weighed down with too much brewed coffee at any one time.

This unit is an ideal option for an entry level batch brew program that wants to deliver some consistently delicious cups.

The Jet 6:

The other new release from Marco, the Jet 6 brewer, is the big brother to the Bru. It requires a little more power and is plumbed into a mains water line to allow management of its own water delivery.

The Jet 6 is a step up in batch size too, enabling the user to prepare 2 ‐ 6 litre brews which run into the slick, thermally insulated dispensing urns. For larger operations with a wide variety of operators, this setup can really help manage quality and consistency in a high turnover location.

We've been taking these two new pieces of equipment out with us at various events in Singapore over the last couple of months and you can try a tasty mug of batch prepared on the with the Marco Bru at our Singapore Café.

We're pretty excited to see how this approach to coffee preparation will influence workflow and customer service not to mention more delicious filter brews on tap!

To find out more about the new Marco equipment, receive pricing or arrange a test drive, drop us a line here — we’d love to hear from you!


  1. Our own experiments and advice from Marco recommends that brews should be kept for no more than two hours in their respective thermal dispensers for optimum taste.
  2. We’d recommend starting with the standard 60g of coffee per litre of water for your batches.
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About Filter Coffee

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

I know that words 'revolution' and 'retro evolution' might sound a tad melodramatic, but over the course of the last few years, coffee brewed in ways other than through an espresso machine has really taken hold amongst those in the specialty coffee community.

The most notable thing here is that attitudes to brewed coffee have changed to a point where there is a greater respect for the brewed product and where many people are now choosing to brew their extra special coffees through brewing systems that give them the chance to experience nuances in the coffee which would not be evident to them through espresso.

Clever Coffee Dripper Common Man Coffee Roasters Filter Methods

This newly found enthusiasm by the industry in general has resulted in a few good things happening. Firstly, manufacturers are getting serious about making and supplying gear that gives better brewing results. Marco in Ireland have produced a machine (Uber boiler) that dispenses water to exacting temperatures. Clever Coffee Drippers, Kalita Wave, Chemex and filters are readily available and, most importantly, there are tons of people experimenting and publishing their thoughts on how to get good results. This is an excellent thing and bodes very well for those interested in the success of specialty coffee.

We too have had to get serious and look at the suitability of our coffee offering to those that want to pursue their journey of discovery into these relatively unchartered waters. In days gone by, we’ve probably sent a pretty poor message about the appropriateness of some of our coffee for brewing — mainly because it wasn’t something that we thought about very much, because there was never really a demand for it.

common man coffee roasters khalifa wave filter guide

Things have changed and it’s forced a change in the way we do things, and in the message that we speak about brewed coffee. We are coffee roasters, and we understand the responsibility we have to seek out and roast coffee perfect for a brewed experience. We know that some coffees express themselves better than others as brewed coffee, and we know that the roast profile of the coffee is equally important in allowing the coffee to do the talking.

With all this in mind, we offer our customers the choice between espresso roasted coffee and that specially 'roasted for filter'. Next time you are in the cafe or if you shop online with us you will notice we have a monthly filter selection to bring you the very best in filter roast.

You are, of course, welcome to order any of our coffee for brewing, and it will still be great, but it probably won’t lift you to the lofty coffee experience heights that some of you live for.

If you’ve never experienced brilliant brewed coffee, I’d encourage you to make this year the year that you do. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or expense and the results can be surreal.

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