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A Comp with Seoul...

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

Last month a few of the CMCR team packed their suitcases, jumped on the first flight to Seoul and headed over to the Café Show 2017 to find out what’s brewing in the Specialty Coffee world, as well as cheer on our national coffee heroes in the World AeroPress and World Barista Champs. Here’s a little run down of their top five and some words from both the Singapore and Malaysia AeroPress National Champs, on their experiences of competition on the national stage.

Number 5 – Coffee & Café Culture in Seoul/South Korea

The coffee culture, expectations and drinking habits in Seoul, and if we can be so bold, South Korea in general are quite different from Singapore, and perhaps from the rest of the world. Whilst corporate giants may have received a warm welcome, it’s the design-forward specialty coffee roasters that are really making the noise here.

Of all the cafes we visited on this trip our favourites followed the roastery, bakery, bar and retail space model – bringing a unique yet homely vibe to our drinking experience. Our faves where – Fritz, Mr Holms, Momos Café, Coffee Loves Him, Centre Coffee and Onions.We may also have eaten our body weigh in pastries…every day, been hitting the treadmill pretty hard since we got back to make up for this trip!

 Number 4 – Korean Food

Ok so not strictly coffee related but we couldn’t talk about our trip without mentioning the food!! Street food is a big part of Korean life – how sad would life be without an Eomuk Fish Cake stick? Or a steaming pot of topoki? And no trip to Korea would be complete without a plate of Korean Fried Chicken washed down with HITE. We could go on but it would make you too hungry…



Number 3 – New Gear & Beans

There was a great turn out to this year’s expo, with many local and international brands putting on such a good show with exciting booths and the launch of new products.

***Coffee geek moment alert*** we got to touch the Nuova Simonelli Mythos 2, La Marzocco LEVA machine (those levers!), the BKON Craft brewer and what really got us going, the Giesen W140A Roaster. This bad boy is able to roast 140kgs per batch – what a whopper! It was also a great to see Specialty Coffee in action with so many producers and farmers from different regions here to promote their green beans.










One of our particular favourites was the Panama booth where we met one of the Lamastus Family who produced our delicious El Burro and Luito Geisha beans. Get some before it’s all gone, we’re nearly down to the last bag. 

Number 2 – World Barista Champs

One of the main highlights of the expo was the World Barista Championships. Over 60 National Barista champs from around the world battled it out, pouring their way to the coveted title. After a nail biting competition, Dale Harris of Hasbean Coffee, UK was crowned king.

It was a great atmosphere and the guys from Ediya Coffee put on a great show, as did the MCs who made the event thrilling and full of excitement. It wasn’t Singapore’s year unfortunately, but there is always next! 

Number 1 – World AeroPress Champs

Two words…FREE BEER! But really, it was amazing to see the nations come together over coffee – as cliché as that sounds! It was a tight battle, with our local talents Hui Zhen Tan (Malaysian Champ) and Jerald Teng (Singapore Champ) putting up a good fight, but ultimately it was the Brits’ night with a wildcard entry for Paulina Miczka who pressed her way to gold. Loved the jumper Paulina!

And, that’s our wrap-up. We brought back many memories, widened stomachs and suitcases stuffed full amazing coffee which we’ll be drinking for weeks – Seoul you did a great job!

We’ll leave the last words to the two AreoPress Champs we took on the road with us, as they tell us what their biggest learning was from the whole experience:

Hui Zhen Tan: If there's one thing to take away from the experience, it is definitely that success does not come without hard work. I wished that I had practiced more before the competition! However, I can say with confidence that this competition is one of the best things that's ever happened in 2017. I’m a relatively inexperienced barista but I was encouraged to take the leap of faith and take part in the Nationals for Malaysia; it has made me realise that you should believe in yourself and don't be afraid to do things out of your comfort zone :D  

Jerald Teng: The biggest learning I’ve taken away from this experience is to see how I’ve grown as a coffee maker, it’s a real eye opening for me.

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Singapore AeroPress Championships 2017

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

What a weekend!

This year we we decided we wanted something bigger and better for the Singapore AeroPress Champs so we took it to Singapore Coffee Festival 2017.

Singapore AeroPress Champion 2017

Thirty-six contestants battled it out over nine rounds but only one could be the winner.

Singapore AeroPress Championships 2017

It was great to see so many home brewers stepping up this year with Jia Hao Koh making it through to the final along with Christian Alvarez of Jimmy Monkey and Jerald Teng of Nook & Cranny.

Singapore AeroPress Championships 2017

Our judges panel of coffee legends comprised of Marian Aguila of Cata Coffee, Terrance Tan of Santino Coffee Specialist, Siraj Salim of Dutch Colony Coffee Company, who also happens to the reigning Singapore AeroPress Champ, and head judge, Lisa Matthews of Leo & Lisa's Organic Coffee Farm.

Singapore AeroPress Champion 2017

It was a tense moment when it came down to the final three with each judge taking careful sips of the coffees before making their final decision but in the end each judge choosing had their favourite, leaving it down to the head judge, Lisa Matthews, to make the final decision, and the winner was.....

Singapore AeroPress Champion 2017

Jerald Teng of Nook& Cranny! Congratulations again!

Singapore AeroPress Champion 2017

Our home brewer finalist, Jia Hao Koh, took second whilst Christian Alvarez of Jimmy Monkey walked away with bronze. Can't wait to hear what happens at the World Championships in Seoul later this year!

Thanks again to the Singapore Coffee Festival team, SPH, our sponsors Marco, Acaia & AeroPress who all made this event possible!

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Singapore Aeropress Championships 2016

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March saw Common Man Coffee Roasters host the Singapore Aeropress Championships 2016 with 27 home-brewers and baristas competing for an all expenses paid trip to represent Singapore in the Aeropress Finals in Dublin, Ireland.

The judges of the competition were Adrian Dart (5 Senses Coffee, Australia), Lucky Salvador (CMCR), Bronwen Serna (The New Black, Singapore) and Lee Jia Min (Nylon, Singapore). 

The evening kicked off with the competitors feverishly prepping the beans, throwing out defective ones as only perfect ones would make the cut. As Judge Bronwen commented, ‘Picking out the defective beans is what could make or break this competition, we’ll definitely be able to taste the difference’.

Whilst the inter-competition games such as Headpress and Blindpress (names pending patent...) debuted onto the coffee competition scene (sure to be seen again in the not too distant future), most competitors decided to play it straight.


‘I’ve decided to keep it real - this competition is all about the coffee and simplicity. You don’t need to get too fancy with it’ said Nabihan, a competitor and barista from Royz Et Vous Cafe.

At the end of the night, Siraj Salim from Dutch Colony was crowned the grand champion. Being overwhelmed by emotion, the champion broke into tears and shared a hug with his girlfriend; a truly touching moment for all to see.

‘I joined this competition because it’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but I’m totally speechless about my win! It was so unexpected; I can’t wait to go to the World Championships!’ said Siraj.

We look forward to following Siraj’s progress at the World Championships on the 23rd June 2016. Good luck and happy pressing Siraj!!

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