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Singapore Aeropress Championship 2021

Reconnecting in 3,2,1…

We are thrilled to announce that Singapore AeroPress Championship 2021 is on!

We’re partnering with World Aeropress Champs, once again, to inspire new and exhilarating AeroPress memories for the coffee community. It will be a remarkable feat against the odds but thorough safety measures are in place. It means a lot to us - as we believe it does to you - to have an occasion for us to come together (in a way) and celebrate through some good natured competition as a community once again.

What is different with this year's competition, you may ask? Here is all you need to know in a plunge:

1. There will be a total of 27 competitors with heats of 3.
2. Under the WAC provided format, the competition invites participants to submit their 'best recipe' for a determined coffee. 
3. Select equipment will be provided for competitors during recipe development. Brews will be judged by their recipes, not their tools.
4. Competitors recipes will be anonymised and brewed by skilled surrogate brewers, exactly as they’ve developed it, to present to an in-person judging panel. 
5. Judges will undergo a classic 'knockout' format to find the best brew in each heat. The best tasting recipe wins.
6. The competition will be televised (well, live-streamed) on social media.

For the full run-down of WAC mandated rules, head here

While this online or “virtual” format will be the first of its kind, we're confident that together we can uphold the competitive AeroPress spirit. Put the trolleys of intricate gear to the side and plunge into your senses to guide you to victory!

Good Luck!