Grounded by CMCR- Coming Soon!

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Grounded by CMCR is a concept born out of opportunity, friendship and fun. Located above Common Man Coffee Roasters café, Grounded occupies the leafy al fresco areas of the brand new Yoga Movement studio in Robertson Quay.
Channeling the similarities between YM and CMCR, Grounded will be approachable in both name and nature.

Country Cousin Espresso Cranberry Balls

Yoga Movement and Common Man Coffee Roasters have for while now shared many similarities (and neighbourhoods) whilst at first coffee and yoga may seems worlds apart, the down to earth way they are both presented and enjoyed in SG is something YM and CMCR share. 

Designed with everyone in mind, Grounded by CMCR, within the stunning new YM RQ studio is hidden amongst the treetops with a beautiful and relaxed space that combines delicious CMCR coffee with a fun and wholesome menu.

Redemption Bowl; enough healthy ingredients to make you feel good again.

The Redemption Bowl; enough healthy ingredients to undo any greasy sins.

Dishes have been driven by taste rather than trend, and whilst there may be the odd bit of kale thrown about it will be metered with a healthy dose of burgers, parfaits and beer.

 The Balance Burger

Whilst the chilled-out lounging areas will be a popular spot before and after classes, we have worked hard to create a space anyone would want to spend time enjoying.

So whether you’re after a coffee high or a natural one; you can now find the best of both at Level 2, 22 Martin Rd.

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