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Joefal Manlod, Roaster and Barista

When and where did you have your first coffee-piphany?

we back 2005, that time I was currently working part time in an events caterer. I remember the first time I entered the “Coffee Shop” I was so amazed by the captivating fragrance of coffee that covered entirely the whole shop. The captivating appearance of the brewing equipments as well as coffee tools really caught my attention. From there onwards I quickly found interest in coffee.

Who influenced/inspired you on your coffee journey?

 It’s more of curiosity at same time admiration to coffee, as that time its really a big deal if you enter or work in a coffee shop. My desire grows tremendously because of my Manager whom guided and groomed me. provided me all the coffee related materials to enhanced my knowledge to coffee. She is also the one who introduced me to Coffee competition from where I honed my skills exponentially.

Best ever coffee?

It is quite hard to answer this though, as every coffee behaves differently. Coffees offers an array of flavours some are fruity, floral, chocolatey, nutty and some are just mind blowing. it is still boils down to preference, your mood, the stories and the hands who prepares it, importantly the experience you had when you drink that cuppa.

Describe the perfect setting to enjoy a coffee?

Coffee is my companion in life. Through my saddest moments and downfalls or be with my Family and love ones that’s the perfect setting for a cuppa.

What's your relationship with Coffee?

My past, present, future and my legacy imprinted on coffee.

What has coffee taught you? 

To seek adventure. to be more appreciative and humble in everything. and importantly a mindset of a WINNER. A MADMAN WINNER

What opportunities has coffee given you?

Everything. Trips and travels. meet up interesting culture and people and become a much better person than before. Widen my network of friends.

At what point did you know that you were meant to roast coffee for a living?

That moment I officially managed to “On” the roasting machine, my heart starts to beat faster and faster that produces so much energy, energy that gives me so much determination and hit that “Delta Point” of becoming a professional coffee roaster.

Who has been the biggest inspiration or mentor for you in your coffee life? 

My wife :) which is my mentor at same time my hard critic (I like being challenged). 

What are some of the trends have you observed in coffee roasting over the years? 

am still in an infant stage of being a roaster but what I observed is that a lot of young roaster tend to focus their attention base on the information that was heard or read be it online or in books.

What would you like to see happen in the coffee industry over the next ten years? 

Further improve and develop the coffee farming technique and methods to produce high quality crop.

What advice would you give new roasters who are just starting out their careers in coffee? 

Give justice to the coffee and people who work hard for it.

Is roasting coffee an art or a science? 

It is a combination of both. You need to respect every detail and character of the coffee while understand the cause and effect in every little adjustment you make in perfecting your roast profile. By doing so am giving justice not just to the coffee but also the people involve in it.

When you're getting to know a new coffee, how do you decide how to roast it? Do you have a default roast profile?

I normally gathers the information of the coffee first like the origin, the processing methods, moisture content, if it’s hard or soft bean, screen size and the overall physical structure of the bean. 

How does roasting coffee change depending on the origin, process, or variety? 

Every bean behaves differently therefore by knowing all those information I would be able to plan my roasting  approach that would highlight the true nature or character of the bean.

What's your favorite part of roasting coffee? 

I like the planning stage of my roast profile or the approach that I would like to do for the bean. You plan and predict what will happen and when the moment you drop or charge out the roasted coffee and see that it goes the way you wanted that is where rewarding part.

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