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For a Common Cause: Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

For a Common Cause 
“For a Common Cause” is our way of giving back to local communities and regional causes. Every month a member of the CMCR team nominates both a coffee and a cause close to their heart, with $2 from every 250g bag of that coffee sold being donated to the chosen cause.
July 2019
Chosen By: Adrian Quek, Project Manager
The Cause:  Sunshine Welfare Action Mission

From its humble beginnings in 1979, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI Home) has developed to become what it is today - an established voluntary welfare organization that provides an integrated quality nursing home care and services to the elderly. 
The reason I have chosen to support this charity, is due to my wife's involvement as a volunteer, she would spend time at SWAMI, and I would come along a help out now and then. The experience truly struck a chord with me, as I feel more often than not, the elderly are overlooked, with the community support more likely going towards children or endangered animals before our elders. 
So I’d like to shine a light on the compassionate, important work being done by SWAMI, assisting some of the most vulnerable in our community and supporting their holistic needs with dignity and respect. 
Acacia Hills Estate is located in Ngorongoro, one of three main coffee regions of Northern Tanzania. It's a three hour drive west from the Arusha region. The Estate has been in existence for over 50 years with little being changed until 2013 when Mark Stell from Portland Roasting Company partnered with local Tanzanian coffee farmers, Leon and Aideen Christianakis to purchase the Estate. They set out to revive Acacia Hills Estate and introduce a new 'specialty' approach, focusing on influential factors such as coffee varietals, method of processing, soil analysis, topography, and more.
Tasting Notes:  Butterscotch & Blood Orange with a Syrupy Mouthfeel & Smooth Finish.