For a Common Cause: Care for the Elderly Foundation Singapore

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For a Common Cause 
“For a Common Cause” is our way of giving back to local communities and regional causes. Every month a member of the CMCR team nominates both a coffee and a cause close to their heart, with $2 from every 250g bag of that coffee sold being donated to the chosen cause.
November 2019
Chosen by: Darren Chia,  Technician 

The reason I chose to use this opportunity to support Care for the Elderly Foundation is because I feel it is the elderly that are often overlooked in our community and I'd like us all to pay more attention to their welfare.

Founded in 1992, CEF is one of the pioneers in Home Medical & Home Nursing service for the frail and immobile elderly. The Foundations mission is to help older people age well at home by supporting them with quality health and social care programmes.

A collaboration between our friends Raw Material and producer groups Asocafé Tatama, Santuario, Entreverdes and Asotama El Aguila from the Risaralda Department. To address the obstacles for producers in this region reaching the specialty market such as a lack of infrastructure and unstable prices, Raw Material created the 'Red Associations' model to help producers achieve stable and sustainable prices by focusing on improved quality control, shared knowledge, and direct connection to the specialty coffee market. 
Tasting Notes:  Ripe cherry, mandarin orange with juicy and sweet finish. 

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