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For a Common Cause 
“For a Common Cause” is our way of giving back to local communities and regional causes. Every month a member of the CMCR team nominates both a coffee and a cause close to their heart, with $2 from every 250g bag of that coffee sold being donated to the chosen cause.
December 2019
Chosen by: Joshua Liew, Sales Executive 

The reason I chose to use this opportunity to support Babes is a personal one, during my time at university a really close friend got pregnant, I remember her fear and helplessness and how I felt unable to assist her. I’m grateful for organisations like Babes that can potentially be a pillar of support, hope and answer for these lost and confused girls.

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd envisions a more inclusive society where every pregnant teenager needing support will not feel estranged or marginalised.

The Coffee: Finca Concepcion, Guatemala

The Concepción farm dates back to 1890, originally a cattle farm, the natural environment has since lent itself well to quality coffee production. Volcanic pumice soil, high altitudes, plenty of rain, variable humidity and an active volcano characterise the region surrounding Finca Concepcion; with resulting eruptions and ash deposits giving the soil an important mineral boost. This coffee is produced with the help of Primavera Coffee Importers and exported by their sister company called La Central De Cafe. A partnership well known for its outstanding transparency and ethical work at origin.

Tasting Notes: 

Starfruit, Lime Zest and Caramel with a Chocolate Finish


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