Exploring Nitro Cold Brew

Posted by Stella Cochrane on

If you have been around the cafe or to any of our recent events you might have noticed that we are pretty pumped about nitro cold brew. We have been brewing this for a year plus now but it really still is one of our shining stars, with this in mind I wanted to share a bit more about it with you all.

Firstly, what is nitro? Well, it's a cold brew coffee which we have infused with nitrogen gas using our custom made keg (if you are shopping for one of these get in touch with our wholesale team). It is therefore sometimes called draft coffee and has a extra smooth texture similar to a stout beer.

So how is it made? As I said, nitro is a cold brew coffee, you can read more about cold brew in our article 'It's Called Cold Brew'. At Common Man Coffee Roasters, we brew up a fresh batch at least twice a week with our favourite single origin coffees. It is then released through a pressurised valve with tiny holes in. The high pressure forces the cold brew past a disc and voila you have a silky smooth coffee like no other.

Come by the cafe and try this little bit of magic in a glass, we're sure you'll be an instant convert to it too!

CMCR Cold Brew

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