Common Man Coffee Roasters: Our New Look

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You may have noticed some changes round here at Common Man Coffee Roasters, and we are finally ready to share to unveil our brand new look to you all.

The last three years have seen us grow and flourish in Singapore and now KL and we thought it was about time this was reflected in our product design. It's been a journey to get here and we couldn't be happier with the results - clean, dynamic and totally awesome!

The new look has come about with the assistance of some creative wizards at Elementary Co. and a lot of inward looking at what exactly Common Man Coffee Roasters really is.

Our new branding and packaging has been built around several key design elements, with some representing the coffee journey from bean to cup and others are an ode to CMCR and our roots.

Common Man Coffee Roasters New Packaging Design Online Shop

Firstly we have the 'dots' represent the coffee cherries as they are harvested from the trees. Then the 'wave' like pattern to represent the importance of water to coffee as a product; and lastly we have the circular pattern to represent both the altitude of the coffee growing regions and also the heat of the roasting process.

Common Man Coffee Roasters New Packaging Filter Buy Online

These patterns are coupled with a coffee leaf and new CMCR block colours to bring out our identity. They are broken haphazardly into organic shapes which reflect the different senses triggered when drinking coffee. The fragments are then combined together to form something spontaneous, yet rounded, referencing the variety of flavour notes you experience when you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Common Man Coffee Roasters New Packaging Blends Buy Online

You can pick up a bag from our online shop or pop by one of the cafes to see the brand new look in person, and why not snap a pic and let us know what you think of it on our Insta or FB page?

Filter Inside CMCR New packaging

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