CMCR x Singapore Coffee Festival Wrap Up: Our Top 5!

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1. 2017 Singapore Aeropress Championship
Some may say it was bold (and perhaps a little stressful) to decide to take the 2017 Singapore Aeropress Championship on the road with us to SCF.
However the effort and coordination was well rewarded with an awesome event and a stunning seaside backdrop. Congrats again to our Champ Jerald Teng from Nook and Cranny and our runner-ups, Christian Alvarez and Jia Hao Koh.
Shoutout to our awesome judges, Marian, Terrance, Siraj and Lisa as well as the crowd who turned out to support the brew-down!
2. Filter Flights
Yet another bold (read- hard work involved) decision we made was to run a cracking filter flight bar at our booth. We estimate we did around 200 seatings at our filter bar – that’s around 800 flights!
It was a fantastic way for us to share some info about the beautiful coffees we were brewing, as well as specialty in general.
If you enjoyed your time at the bar and learning a little more about coffee, our trainers would love to see you again for an Academy Class you can book yourself in here
3. Geisha Coffee
Whilst a certain pink flamingo cup-holder may have taken out the spot of most Instagram-ed item at the festival; we think that our stunning Geisha cans made it in to the top ten!
The best part- what’s on the inside is even better! We will soon be taking pre-orders for another batch of Luito and El Burro, so don’t miss out!
4. Our Uncommon Wall
So we’ve listed bold, bolder, and now we come to what was our boldest (ok foolish) decision, which was to create a wall entirely out of empty milk cartons.
We just couldn’t get on board with how unsustainable it would be to build a wall which after 4 days would then be torn down and thrown away, so we spent 2 weeks gluing milk cartons together, not knowing whether it would end in success or mess!
But Voila, the recycling gods smiled upon us, and the wall stayed intact!
5. Our Serious Stuff Section
We have to admit, we felt pretty legit with our “serious stuff” section, we brought the whole show of our fantastic brewing equipment and gadgets that we can hook your café/office/home up with. Remember, if you want to talk wholesale – beans or gear, get in touch at
There we have it, our top 5 from SCF 2017, we hope we featured amongst your highlights!
Last but not least a special mention to the salted caramel latte tarts our kitchen team created for the event (#newfave) and to all the extreme CMCR team - work that made the dream - work!

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