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CMCR Singapore Turns Three!

We are pretty stoked over here at CMCR as last month saw us leave the terrible twos behind and turned three! We couldn't be more appreciative of what the company has achieved over the last few years, all made possible by our awesome customers who just keep coming back for that Common taste. Not to blow our own trumpet (ok, we are!) but here's a quick round up of some of our greatest achievements so far. 

Getting It All Off The Ground

We have been on an exciting journey over the last three years and our oldest customers will remember the early days when we had our roaster on site at the Cafe. Above is a picture of the nail biting day the team gingerly moved the roaster in. Thankfully it all came together and we opened the spectacular space we have today.

Opening a New Off-Site Roastery

We soon realised that the demand for CMCR coffee far outstripped our roasters capacity and made the decision to move out to a new location in Senoko. Here we were able to install a much bigger 45kg roaster along side our faithful 6kger, opening new doors for the business.

Opening the CMCR Academy Singapore

And I mean that literally, as we opened the CMCR Academy in the old roastery space in February 2015. We are exceptional proud to be able to offer a dedicated barista training facility, supported by Australian Barista Academy, where we are able to support the coffee community in Singapore. Originally this was a dedicated service for our wholesale customers but late last year we opened it to the public too, you can find out more about our classes here.


Supporting Industry Competitions

Over the years we have hosted a number of specialty coffee industry events to help the spread the word about how awesome speciality coffee is. We feel that supporting and fostering up and coming baristas should be integral to our business; and we have had a little fun along the way too.

From our curated cuppings to AeroPress Championships we very proud to be supporting the speciality coffee scene both here and Malaysia. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram / Facebook to keep updated, we've got some exciting plans up our sleeves for you.

Launching CMCR Online - #CMCRathome

This year saw us launch our new online shop, making it even easier to get your favourite Common Man Coffee Roasters' beans and equipment straight to your door.  If you haven't tried it, shop now! 

Opening of Our New Concept - Grounded by CMCR

Born out of opportunity, friendship and fun, Grounded by CMCR occupies the al fresco area of the new Yoga Movement's studio right above the Singapore Cafe. It offers a light and wholesome menu in a space that encourages you to kick back, relax and enjoy a chai pudding.

What's Next?

Well some of you might be aware that we are opening up CMCR Kuala Lumpur very soon and plans for CMCR Shanghai are coming together. We would like to thank all our customers, especially our regular who make us smile every day, for your continued support over the years. Here's to many more!