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It's 9am on a Monday morning, you have just reached the office with dreams of a lovely cup of steaming hot coffee to set you on the right path for the week. You go to the kitchen, open the cupboard and bam, someone forgot to put the coffee order in!

To help relieve this nightmarish situation we came up with CMCR at Work. A programme that uncomplicated the world of specialty coffee, bringing you a consistent, quality and delicious product straight to workplace. You don't have to take our word for it, we recently installed some small scale equipment in the offices of Eight Inc, check out what they had to say:

CMCR: So you guys have had CMCR coffee in your workplace for a month now, have you been using it?

Eight Inc: Of course, everyday! Whoever gets in the earliest (normally the same person to be honest!) brews up a batch, usually it's Yirg Zero cos that's his favourite.

cmcr at work batch brewer

CMCR: Do you think you've been drinking more coffee cos it's now on site?

Eight Inc: Definitely, we even converted two non coffee drinkers. The filters are so easy to drink - this was your plan all along wasn't it!?!

CMCR: What would you say to other workplaces that haven't tried CMCR yet?

Eight Inc: The batch brewer is a really easy piece of equipment to use, just takes a few minutes to set up in the morning and then you have great tasting coffee on hand all day long. It doesn't taste like American style filter coffee, much cleaner and fresher, and like I said, it even converted two non coffee drinkers!

cmcr at work

CMCR: What about espresso coffee?

Eight Inc: We have our own espresso machine so we just got the beans from CMCR Online and put them through it. Think you have a great selection and really gives us a kick in the morning when we need it!

CMCR: You mentioned using the CMCR online platform, how did you find ordering from here?

Eight Inc: It was great, really easy to use. Just signed up for an account with you and then could order straight away.

CMCR: Is there anything you would change?

Eight Inc: That we could have more coffee! Don't think its possible we could drink more though! One thing we didn't try was the blends subscription service, looks like a good scheme but we wanted to try the singles and filters this month.

CMCR: Last question, do you think you'd recommend us to other workplaces?

Eight Inc: Of course! it was simple to use and it makes sure we get amazing coffee every day!

cmcr at work

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! Great value specialty coffee with small scale equipment solutions and an easy to use e-commerce platform with direct delivery when you want it to your workplace. It's specialty made simple.

Interested? get in touch at using this form and one of the team will be in touch!

CMCR at Work

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