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About Filter Coffee

I know that words 'revolution' and 'retro evolution' might sound a tad melodramatic, but over the course of the last few years, coffee brewed in ways other than through an espresso machine has really taken hold amongst those in the specialty coffee community.

The most notable thing here is that attitudes to brewed coffee have changed to a point where there is a greater respect for the brewed product and where many people are now choosing to brew their extra special coffees through brewing systems that give them the chance to experience nuances in the coffee which would not be evident to them through espresso.

Clever Coffee Dripper Common Man Coffee Roasters Filter Methods

This newly found enthusiasm by the industry in general has resulted in a few good things happening. Firstly, manufacturers are getting serious about making and supplying gear that gives better brewing results. Marco in Ireland have produced a machine (Uber boiler) that dispenses water to exacting temperatures. Clever Coffee Drippers, Kalita Wave, Chemex and filters are readily available and, most importantly, there are tons of people experimenting and publishing their thoughts on how to get good results. This is an excellent thing and bodes very well for those interested in the success of specialty coffee.

We too have had to get serious and look at the suitability of our coffee offering to those that want to pursue their journey of discovery into these relatively unchartered waters. In days gone by, we’ve probably sent a pretty poor message about the appropriateness of some of our coffee for brewing — mainly because it wasn’t something that we thought about very much, because there was never really a demand for it.

common man coffee roasters khalifa wave filter guide

Things have changed and it’s forced a change in the way we do things, and in the message that we speak about brewed coffee. We are coffee roasters, and we understand the responsibility we have to seek out and roast coffee perfect for a brewed experience. We know that some coffees express themselves better than others as brewed coffee, and we know that the roast profile of the coffee is equally important in allowing the coffee to do the talking.

With all this in mind, we offer our customers the choice between espresso roasted coffee and that specially 'roasted for filter'. Next time you are in the cafe or if you shop online with us you will notice we have a monthly filter selection to bring you the very best in filter roast.

You are, of course, welcome to order any of our coffee for brewing, and it will still be great, but it probably won’t lift you to the lofty coffee experience heights that some of you live for.

If you’ve never experienced brilliant brewed coffee, I’d encourage you to make this year the year that you do. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or expense and the results can be surreal.