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May Espino, CMCR Account Manager 

Two years ago when I took up the role, I didn’t exactly know what an Account Manager did. At the time,  I was  looking to do something different, something challenging yet exciting and of course still involved coffee. I remember how anxious I was when I went on my first solo visit; I wasn’t very bold but I do remember wanting to do well and yearned to understand my role more. As with most things, as time has passed I’ve shaped this role to be my own and now love every minute of it!

One of the reasons my role is so much fun is because every day is different. In my previous role as a barista,  things had become pretty routine, I would know what time I would start, would I was likely to see during the day and then knock off at the same time every day. Now as an Account Manager, my job requires me to travel all over Singapore to catch up with clients and show them lots of love and support in form of great service! I know lots of people who might wish they had my job but not everyone really understands what it takes to do it; so here is here’s a recap of a typical day in a life of me, an Account Manager at Common Man Coffee Roasters!

7am: It usually takes me just an hour to prepare for work so waking up at 7am sharp is essential. I need to make sure I have enough time for a quick bite because my day is usually 80% espresso tasting so missing breakfast and starting the day with empty stomach is probably not the best idea. Today’s menu? A quick ham and cheese brioche!

clueless goat common man coffee roasters9am: One of my favourite accounts to visit early in the morning is The Clueless Goat in Novena. One, because I’ve never had a bad coffee from Zach (one of the co-owner, he really embodies perfection on every shot!) and two, it’s on my commute to the city so an easy stop off for my first coffee. They are always super crowded when I visit but after the rush-hour buzz calms down I try to catch up as much as I can.

10.30am: From Novena, I take a bus straight to my second destination, Upper Thompson. A vegan place called Brownice is finally getting their very own Synesso MVP. I am meeting Darren (CMCR’s superstar tech) here for the scheduled installation. While he’s getting the machine installed, I take the opportunity to get to know the team and talk about the new coffee programme they want to launch. When Darren finishes up, I jump in and do a quick recipe tasting to ensure that the machine is working fine and the coffee tastes amazing.

1.30pm: Next stop is Holland Village. This time to check out on Tiong Bahru Bakery’s new outlet at Chip Bee Gardens, it’s the soft launch of the outlet so a good time to say hi to the team. Really diggin’ the whole vibe of it and I can already tell that this place is gonna rock! 

tiong bahru bakery chip bee gardens

open farm community common man coffee roasters2pm: I’m not far from Open Farm Community on Minden Road so I decide to drop in to change the coffee machine gaskets here as it doesn’t look like Darren will be able to make it down this week. My job is not all about tasting coffee, sometime I have to get down and dirty with the machines too and let me tell you it isn’t easy to repair an Expobar without the right tools - the soup spoon definitely saved the day!

3pm: My next stop is will be City Hall and as I hear my stomach growling, I decide to have a quick stop for my favourite comfort food, Pho!




4pm: I’m within walking distance is of The Glasshouse so head over there to catch up with the team. I swear this place is always packed when I visit, though I’m happy to find an empty bar seat so I settle myself in and pass over a sample bag of Acacia Hills, Tanzania for them to try out on their next single origin brew.

the glasshouse common man coffee roasters

5pm: For my last stop, I’ve decided to say hello to another Tiong Bahru Bakery team, this time at Raffles City. I have a brief chat with Sean (the barista), then use the rest of my time to check on my emails, do the necessary service reports and plan out my upcoming week whilst enjoying a delicious piccolo.

tiong bahru bakery raffles city

6pm: By now I know I am probably way over my caffeine limit of the day and already feeling the jitters, so I jump on the bus from the Capitol Building, which goes directly home and finally I can call it a day!

a day in the life...common man coffee roasters

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