A Day in the Life of... a CMCR Academy Trainer

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Keith Yee, CMCR Academy Trainer 



“Keith, are you keen on becoming a barista trainer?”

This was the question proposed to me by Matt (our GM) one and half years ago, my answer? For sure! what a great opportunity to work in such interesting position so I took up the offer and here I am today.

Some people might wonder what the job scope of a barista trainer is and what we do when there is no training, so this is an account of a typical day as a barista trainer at Common Man Coffee Roasters.

8am: I start my day just like everyone else, with a cup of coffee. I sit down and check my schedule for who I am going to train today so I can prepare mentally prepare myself for both the students and the content that I need to deliver. Today I have a public fundamental barista skills class and then on-site training for one of our wholesale clients in the afternoon.

day in the life common man coffee roasters

Once I'm done, I take some time to check my emails for training enquiries from wholesale clients and public students and make the necessary arrangements to book them in. This can be really tricky as I have to prevent class clashes with the different clients, difficult when we have over 70 wholesale clients to manage not to mention public students too! 

9am: Class begins! This is a Fundamental Barista class, it's going to last for three hours finishing around 12pm. What I love the most about my job is that I get to meet people from different industries and even countries but everyone come here only for one purpose, a passion for COFFEE!

day in the life common man coffee roasters

12pm After the session ends, I head up to Grounded for our weekly sales meeting with the team.

day in the life common man coffee roasters

Then it's time for lunch which I normally spend hanging out with the Grounded baristas and enjoying the CMCR staff meal!

2pm It’s time to head out of my usual training ground for some on-site training with one of our wholesale clients, Atlas Coffee Embassy. On-site training can be very challenging because the cafe's equipment can be differ from place to place so I have to be adaptable to different machines and spaces. On top of this we sometimes, like today, I have to deal with live orders coming in as we conduct the training. Today we are mainly about the calibration and the workflow of the bar which helps when you have live orders to work with. It's a great feeling when everyone seems satisfy after a session!

day in the life common man coffee roasters

Being a barista trainer in Common Man Coffee Roasters is really fun and full of challenges; it's not as easy as many people think and it can be tiring talking to so many people and drinking so much coffee (!) but still I really enjoy it nearly two years after that question kicked the whole thing off!

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