A Common Man's Guide to Kuala Lumpur!

Posted by Sarah Rouse on

We are super excited to share with you a project we have been working on for quite some time now, a guide to our favourite spots around KL to eat, drink, shop and basically have a great time!
In the heart of any bustling city, there's an untapped reservoir of talent to be recognised, modern individuals that foster a unique and novel cultural identity. Greater Kuala Lumpur us home to an abundance of creativity and a diversity of passions. 
With Common Man being a resident of KL for over a year now, we aimed to put together a guide showcasing the work and innovation within a short drives vicinity of our home in TTDI.
From unique stores and event spaces, to nightlife and specialty coffee (of course!), we hope you appreciate these wonderful home-grown brands and concepts as much as we do!
At the moment you can pick up a copy at CMCR KL, and we are currently dropping them off at each stop featured in the guide, so keep an eye out, and we hope you'll have fun exploring KL, Common Man style 😎 

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