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Where the Lokals go


Having recently sailed past the one-year mark of operation, The Lokal has firmly secured its place as a favorite fixture on Neil Rd. Googling the café will produce a multitude of glowing reviews, however all running with a similar theme- “Australian style café”. Whilst stated in flattering terms, and for good reason, The Lokal has very much come in to its own, with Chef Darren Farr successfully curating a menu which celebrates such iconic Australian menu must-haves (read: you can get your avocado toast and vegemite fix here), whilst also paying tribute to local faves, with weekly special dishes ranging from Kaya Toast to Kampong chicken.

Apart from this happy blending of Australian and Singaporean fare, what really sets The Lokal apart is the integrity with which Chef Darren approaches both the menu and produce, with an emphasis on quality, seasonality, and a particular stand out in Singapore- the inclusion of house made produce such as the butter, yoghurt, ricotta, gravlax and more all coming out of the kitchen.


But wait there’s more! Unlike a lot of other cafes in the same range as The Lokal, the menu stretches far beyond brunch; with more seasonal delights found of the dinner menu, a regular rotation of desserts and baked goods and an iconic Sunday lunch offering. They also manage to pack in a killer cocktail list, a Sunday Roast and probably the most amazing rotating list of daily specials the Duxton Hill lunch crowd could ever see.

As such The Lokal has managed to cement its place on the Singapore food map as an all-rounder!

Of course, there’s a serious coffee programme going on too, with our 22 Martin Road blend as its foundation. There’s also a rolling supply of Single Origins keeping things fresh and interesting for the regulars that enjoying trying new things.




The LOKAL - Ricotta, smashed avocado, pomelo and almonds on toasted sourdough, closely followed by the Kaya Toast.


To start, you can’t go past the Cauliflower 3 Ways, followed by Roasted Kampong chicken or check out the specials board. And if you are that way inclined, be sure to explore the predominately Australian, and very reasonably priced wine list.

The Lokal
136 Neil Rd, China Town
Singapore 088865

Opening hours:
Monday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday to Saturday 8:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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