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CMCR Blends Explained

No matter where you are on your coffee journey, there's no doubt that you may have been a bit confused about coffee descriptors at some point along the way. For many people, coffee tastes like, well, coffee! For those folks, reading a description of a coffee as having 'notes' of 'apricot' or 'red capsicum' or a 'syrupy' or 'juicy' mouthfeel can tend to make the selection experience a bit overwhelming.

Sometimes when we taste coffees in the lab, we get so excited about what we’re doing that we forget how far we’ve come in our taste profile exploration, meaning that we communicate our passion to some coffee drinkers, but not all. And not always in a language that everyone can understand.

With that in mind, we’ve created a simple guide to our current coffee blends. The list below outlines the blend profile along with some general descriptors, or rather, descriptors for the beginner coffee connoisseur!

An important thing to remember is that as coffee is a fruit and, like all fruits, is a seasonal product. Hence these beans in these blends may change over time as coffee comes into season in various parts of the world. However, the profile listed will remain the same. That means if we choose to replace a Colombian with a Guatemalan somewhere along the line, the end result may taste a little different, but the level of body, acidity, fruitiness and chocolaty-ness will remain the same. Happy hunting!

22 MARTIN22 martin common man coffee roasters signature blend


This our homage to those classic coffee flavours - think hazelnut, toffee and dark chocolate with a long, lingering finish.

Body: heavy
Acidity: low
Fruitiness: low
Chocolaty-ness: high levels with prominent dark chocolate, graham crackers and hazelnut flavours



 This blend is for those with a refined sweet-tooth, with plenty of candied fruit and a super clean finish

Body: light
Acidity: medium - high
Fruitiness: medium - think apricots, peaches and tropical fruits
Chocolaty-ness: low


LUCKY BASTERDlucky basterd common man coffee roasters signature blend

This blend is a vibrant fruit forward cup, we taste Floral notes, Blueberries, Tropical Fruit.

Body: medium - heavy
Acidity: medium
Fruitiness: high - think jackfruit and plums
Chocolaty-ness: medium - cocoa powder and black tea



 This blend can be all that you need with incredibly complexity of flavours, ranging from subtle, floral and light citrus notes, to rich dark-fruits and even bakers chocolate

Body: medium - high
Acidity: medium - high
Fruitiness: medium - think stone fruits and citrus
Chocolaty-ness: low - medium