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How to Brew the Perfect: Flat White

The Espresso

The espresso shot forms the foundation for a great cup, and without a well-executed espresso, the final beverage can fall flat on its face (not the ‘Flat’ that we’re after).

Like a lot of things in life, making espresso is as much art as it is science, but relies heavily on a recipe to reach a consistent result.

The main goal of this standard recipe is to reach a desired result, whilst controlling the myriad of variables that go into the making of espresso.

As an example, here’s a ‘Common’ espresso recipe;

  • Dose In – 22g of Ground Coffee
  • Dose Out – 38g of Espresso
  • Ratio – 1:1.7
  • Extraction Time – 28sec

The Milk

As with the espresso, a lot of attention must be paid to the milk preparation as part of the finished beverage.

Temperature, both at start and finish is critical when preparing milk.

Starting with very cold is imperative to give you ample time for controlled texturing, with the proteins in the milk coming together a trapping air to create a silky, micro-foam texture.

For a Flat White, the amount of foam is important, adding a small amount of foam on top to create some textural contrast, stabilize the beverage as it’s being carried and to create a beautiful pattern on top.

Finishing on the correct temperature is also important, as the milk should be hot enough to ensure that those looking for a wake-me-up in the morning are satisfied, but not too hot as to scald the milk or inhibit the flavours present in the espresso.

The Finished Product

Often overlooked, the ration of espresso to milk is one of the key differences between a Flat White and other milk beverages.

We serve our Flat Whites as a more punchy beverage, with a 1:5 espresso to milk ratio in the cup ensuring the characteristics of our espresso remain intact and translate well through the milk.