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How to Brew the Perfect: Cold Brew At Home

Cold brew coffee is a great way to achieve a delicious, naturally sweet brew perfect for the humid weather we have here in Singapore. We often get asked how people can make it at home, our answer  - it couldn't be easier! You need time, patience and a few keys bits of equipment. Read on for a short exploration of cold brew and our take on easy cold brewing at home.


By brewing cold and over a relatively long amount of time (if you can handle the wait!) the water is allowed to do its work on the beans, dissolving desirable flavours whilst leaving behind undesirable flavours.

Coffee is one of the most chemically complex products we consume with over 800 volatile compounds present which evaporate when it is brewed at high pressure and temperatures as with an espresso machine. This is not the case with cold brewing as it allows the retention of many otherwise lost flavours, creating a very complex and naturally low acidity and sweet product.

The extra sweetness and great flavours achieved means that there’s no need to add any sugar or milk to cut your coffee, helping you achieve those waistline goals whilst the lower acidity means its easier for your body to process that morning cup.


At Common Man Coffee Roasters, we use the 'full immersion' method to brew our cold brew which gives us a great result and unbeatable consistency.


  • Clever coffee dripper
  • Filter papers
  • Grinder
  • Digital scales
  • Kettle or urn
  • Cup or vessel


  • 40g of your favourite CMCR filter roast coffee (lighter than espresso)
  • 400g (or ml) of filtered water or adjust to a Coffee Brew Ratio of 1:10 (brew coffee:water)
  • Beverage after brew: 350g


  1. Grind your coffee to a course grind size so it looks like flaky sea salt in your hand.
  2. Insert filter paper into Clever Coffee Dripper.
  3. Add your ground coffee.
  4. Sit your Clever Coffee Dripper on your scales and carefully add 200ml of 94°C brewing water over the grounds. Be careful not to knock the dripper so the bottom lock is disturbed and you end up with a wet mess all over your scales!
  5. Take a break for 30 seconds to allow the 'hot bloom' and allows the extraction of compounds that require a bit more heat.
  6. Pour in the remaining water (200ml), it doesn't matter if it has dropped to room temp, making sure that all the coffee grounds have been submerged.
  7. Now the wait begins - 15hours to be precise. Chill out maybe go have a nap and wake up to a delicious start.
  8. After the brew has been completed, place the Clever Coffee Dripper over a large enough vessel and activate the valve to drain the coffee, through away the filter.
  9. Sit back, relax and sip your deliciously brewed coffee.

You can buy a Clever Coffee Dripper, filter papers, a hand grinder and of course delicious CMCR coffee from our online store so you can get brewing at home, try it out!