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The Little Oasis Found in Everton Park

The Little Oasis Found in Everton Park 

It’s hard to explain in words that feeling of familiarity when I first set foot inside Little Oasis. It was an instant state of warmth and comfort as these two cheerful ladies received me with a smile. Little Oasis is a charming little café that recently opened at the ground corner unit of Everton Park by three passionate individuals.

Located at the ground corner unit of Everton Park, the café is nestled within a noticeably heritage neighborhood with lots of tress and public housing blocks. It is possible to miss the place since it’s really small, but just like finding treasure, it’s really worth the quest. 

Ting and Kelly (two of the owners of Little Oasis) both studied architecture at NUS and shared the same dream of having their own café someday. Whilst both were focused with their career in architecture after graduation, this did not stop them in preparing to pursue their lifelong dream. They started an online bakery, Little Wooden Table where they constantly refined their bakes from the feedback they received from loyal customers. Whilst the online bakery was very well received, starting their own café still seemed a far away dream, until a close friend from overseas believed in their vision and offered to invest in their business. Two years later, Little Oasis was born.


The menu was created with an emphasis on bringing out the natural flavors and freshness of their ingredients. As quoted by Ting, “they wanted to serve wholesome and healthy food made from fresh and natural ingredients that they enjoyed making for themselves at home. They would not want to serve something they wouldn’t eat or serve to their own family and friends.” The menu is so simple yet it focuses on offering wholesome healthy food, which are all inviting! The owners recommend their signature avocado egg bagels and taco green bowl; both refreshing and delectable if you’re looking for a tasty yet clean dish. I’ve had one of their lunch items which is the seared salmon paired with cold soba, edamame seeds, some mushrooms and tomato. I’ve never thought that such simple dish can even taste so good.


For Ting and Kelly, their passion is what fuels them everyday. Back in the days when architecture was their full-time gig, they were very passionate about everything they do. There are many lessons and skills learned that came handy with their new venture. As architects, providing services and solutions is also a vital part of their everyday hustle. Now, serving customers and finding ways to create a memorable experience is never far off to what they used to do – just in different way now.

Having a good friend as a part-owner has helped Ting and Kelly not just open a café, but to realize their dreams and make them a reality. Starting from such a string foundation, I have no doubt that Little Oasis is on the right track of building a place that is genuine, humble and bound to last.

Blk 3 Everton Park, #01-79 Singapore 080003

Tues-Sun: 9am – 5pm

Closed on Mondays and very 2nd and 4th Sunday