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Keeping It Specialty And Simple - Room 203

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In a world that advances as rapidly as Kuala Lumpur, the growing demand for time challenges our ability to pause and enjoy a well deserved break. When you’re maximizing the time between the work and meetings, sometimes all you’re given is a preview of lunch before you have to head back into the toil.

It often feels impossible to relax in the minimal time, and renew yourself by enjoying a fine coffee for great value that was not a sachet sitting in your office pantry for a questionable age.

That’s where Room 203 comes in. Keeping it true to offering only specialty coffee to go, with or without milk at a fixed price of RM5. This specialty experience won’t distract from the fundamental intent of any cup of coffee, a good cup of coffee.

Room 203 Cafe KL Common Man Coffee Roasters BlogYou can find a rotating single origin for Room 203’s black coffee offering, currently serving up our seasonal fresh crops of Brazil, Colombia and India.

Room 203 Common Man Coffee Roasters Blog

You might not receive the usual cafe form of service, air-con, lemony water, or even condiments such as sugar is something not to be found in this takeaway concept.  However, regardless of this, owner Yeong Wen Tyng strives to give his fullest attention each customer despite being the only person making coffee in this outlet.

Room 203 Common Man Coffee Roasters Blog

“The definition of specialty coffee in our market is blurred, consumers assess specialty by price, not actual quality or overall experience.  From the moment I started two years ago, people would tell me daily they love drinking coffee, but couldn’t afford it”

“Our role in the industry is to broaden opportunities for coffee drinkers. Introduce availability for consumers, improving our specialty coffee culture by changing perspective. We don’t have an appropriate café space, we practice takeaway, and what you pay for is that cup of quality coffee. That’s how I see a market can grow.“ – Yeong Wen Tyng


Long black single origin.

Room 203
Art Row, Punlika, Solarias Dutamas (Lot 54, Block B3, Level G2), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.30am - 6pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

T: +60 17341 1741
E: yeongwentyng@gmail.com
Instagram: @room203livingplatform
Facebook: Room 203

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