Great Coffee in Common: Yoma Rivera

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Yoma Rivera, - 28 HKS & The Curator, 2014 Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year,  3rd Place World Coffee in Good Spirits Singapore 2017
Who influenced you on your coffee journey?
My friends and barista champions in Philippines Miko Simangan, Kevin Fortu and Aldrin Lumaban.
Best ever coffee?
Best coffee for me is a shot of espresso or a cup of filter coffee before work.
Describe the perfect setting to enjoy coffee:
During my off days while reading my books.
What is your favorite coffee bean?
Panama Geisha Natural. I love that floral and fruity notes.
What has coffee taught you?
Coffee taught me to be precise and be consistent which I can apply in my work as bartender. It was amazing to see how the change in water temperature, grind size and roast profile can change the flavor or taste of the coffee. Measure everything!
In what aspect does coffee and alcohol differ/ barista and bartender?
Baristas are more focused in daytime service and bartenders are more into evening hours.
Can you share with us the best coffee and alcohol recipe you created?
At the Yard 30ml Irish Whiskey 150ml Filter Coffee (preferably Kenyan coffee beans) 15ml Hibiscus Syrup 7.5ml Grand Marnier Spray of Orange Blossom Water.
Are you a talker or a maker?
I would say both. As a person who works in food and beverage industry, we have to be a talker and a maker at the same time. We are selling experience. The liquid or the product would be secondary.
In your opinion, what makes a good coffee?
The best coffee for me would be a cup that was prepared by a barista who shares experience.
Great Coffee in Common

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